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Build, Push, and Run custom services alongside your Nhost Stack.

Extend your backend seamlessly

Build and Run services written in your favourite language

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name = 'cat-generator'

image = 'nhost/cat-generator:0.0.1'

port = 5000
type = 'http'
publish = true

replicas = 2

cpu = 2000
memory = 4096
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Use cases

Nhost Run allows you to expand and truly customize your backend in multiple ways


Custom Backend

Deploy and execute your custom backend services within your project environment.


Data-Processing Workloads

Execute data-processing tasks in close proximity to your database for enhanced efficiency.


GraphQL API Extensions

Extend your GraphQL API by incorporating remote schemas or actions.


OSS and third-party software

Run services like Redis, Memcached, Datadog Agents and MongoDB.


Nhost Run offers several key advantages by running workloads alongside your project


Minimal Latency

Communication and data exchange between different components of your project occur quickly and efficiently.


No Egress Costs

No additional egress costs for transferring data between different components of your project.


Improved Reliability

Your workloads continue to function even in scenarios where internet access may be limited or disrupted.


Integrated Operations

Develop, build, manage, and scale your own workloads the same way that you manage your Nhost Project.

And more...

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Private Registry

Push your service images to our private registry with deployments or using our CLI

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Your Favourite Languages

Run services written in JS/TS, Go, Python, etc

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High Scalability

Use Dedicated Compute and Service Replicas to scale your custom Services.

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Integrated CI

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Other features

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Postgres Database

The world's most advanced relational database.

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Instant Realtime GraphQL API based on your database schema.

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Role-Based Permissions, Web Console, Event Triggers, Cron Jobs, and more.

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Sign in users with Email, Magic Link, SMS, Google, Facebook, etc.

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Let users upload and download images, documents and other files.

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Run custom code using JavaScript and TypeScript with infinite scale.

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Run custom services written in your favourite language.

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Run AI workloads easily alongside your Nhost Stack.

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