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Instant and scalable GraphQL API with realtime subscriptions and powerful permissions built in.

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Powerful and simple permissions

Row and column level permissions to safely expose your GraphQL API to the world

Realtime Subscriptions

Build collaborative apps with ease.

  • Live avatars

    Share the status of users across multiple clients.

  • Live cursors

    Share the position and status of multiple cursors across multiple clients.

  • Location

    Listen to changes in the database regarding the position of a moving coordinate.

  • Live charts

    Keep charts updated in Realtime by listening to changes in the database rather than polling at intervals.

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subscription {
  users {
    profile {

Data federation

Nhost federates data from multiple sources into a single GraphQL API for any client to consume.

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Build apps users love

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A database

Query with ease

Filter, sort, order by group, aggregate, limit. All operations are supported out of the box.

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Full text search via GraphQL is supported out of the box with Postgres.

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Hasura GraphQL Engine

The GraphQL API is powered by the Hasura GraphQL Engine which has support for Event Triggers, Actions, and more.

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N+1 problem, solved

All your GraphQL queries are compiled to a single SQL query, thereby improving performance.

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Other features

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Postgres Database

The world's most advanced relational database.

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Instant Realtime GraphQL API based on your database schema.

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Role-Based Permissions, Web Console, Event Triggers, Cron Jobs, and more.

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Sign in users with Email, Magic Link, SMS, Google, Facebook, etc.

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Let users upload and download images, documents and other files.

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Run custom code using JavaScript and TypeScript with infinite scale.

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Run custom services written in your favourite language.

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