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/ month / project

Limit of 1 project
Project pauses with inactivity
1 GB database
1 GB storage
5 GB egress
Realtime APIs
Automated deployments
Unlimited users
OAuth providers
Community support
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Well suited for production applications, scale as needed.



/ month / project

Everything in Starter plus:

No project pausing
10 GB database
50 GB storage
50 GB egress
Automated backups
AI toolkit
Run your own services
Managed Grafana
Email support
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Collaborate with added support, scale as needed.



/ month / project

Everything in Pro plus:

Email support SLA
Dedicated discord channel
Connect to external databases
Advanced GraphQL features
SOC2 (coming soon)
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Ideal for specific infrastructure and customization needs.

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Everything in Team plus:

Dedicated technical account manager
Dedicated clusters (add-on)
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  • Dedicated Postgres instance
  • Database size
    1 GB10 GB included, then $0.20 per GB10 GB included, then $0.20 per GBCustom
  • Automated Backups
    Daily backups of your database that can be restored.
    7 days of backups7 days of backupsCustom

Hasura GraphQL

  • Hasura GraphQL Engine
  • Realtime subscriptions
  • Event triggers
  • Role based authorization
  • Advanced GraphQL features
    Observability metrics include request rate, duration, and failure rate, alongside security features such as disabling the admin secret and limiting query depth.


  • Total users
  • Social OAuth providers
  • WebAuthn / FIDO2
  • Email / Password
  • Magic Link
  • 2FA
  • Custom SMTP
  • Custom emails
  • Advanced security features
    Contact Us


  • Storage size
    1 GB included50 GB included, then $0.05 per GB50 GB included, then $0.05 per GBCustom
  • Custom permissions
  • Image transformation
  • Global CDN


  • Total functions
    10 included50 included, then $5 per 5050 included, then $5 per 50Custom
  • Execution
    1 GB-hours included10 GB-hours included, then $0.18 per GB-hour (billed per second)10 GB-hours included, then $0.18 per GB-hour (billed per second)Custom
  • Execution Time
    10 sec60 sec60 secCustom

AI Toolkit

  • pgvector
  • Graphite
    Graphite is our AI service available to your project as an add-on. It is billed per vCPU core and memory allocated to the service. See Compute Pricing below.
  • Auto-Embeddings
  • Nhost Assistants

Nhost Run

  • Run your own services
    Nhost Run is a managed container runtime for running your own services. It is billed per vCPU core and memory allocated to the service. See Compute Pricing below.
  • Private registry

Network Egress

  • Egress
    5 GB included50 GB included, then $0.10 per GB50 GB included, then $0.10 per GBCustom


  • IaC
    Use the Nhost CLI and Nhost Config to manage your infrastructure as code.
  • Deployments
  • Projects
    1 projectUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
  • Workspace members
    Only workspace members have access to projects and can trigger deployments.
    1 memberUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited


  • Compute resources
    CPU and memory allocated to services. See Compute Pricing below.
  • Service replicas
    Service replicas are the number of instances of a service running. See Compute Pricing below.
  • Custom domains
    $10 per project / month$10 per project / month$10 per project / month
  • External databases
    Connect to external databases hosted outside of Nhost.
  • Auto scaling
    Coming soonComing soon
  • 99.9% SLA
  • Dedicated clusters
    A dedicated and fully managed cluster for your infrastructure. Ideal for security, customization, and compliance.
    Available as an add-on


  • Nhost Logs
  • Managed Grafana for metrics


  • Community
  • Email
  • Email SLA
  • Dedicated Discord channel
  • Security questionnaire
  • Dedicated technical account manager
  • 24x7x365 support with SLA
  • Architecture review
  • On boarding

Compute Pricing

Billed by the minute



Per vCPU core / month
For each vCPU core you get 2 GB of memory.
$0.0012 / vCPU / minute


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  • Are plans per project?

    Yes, plans are per project.

  • How many free projects can I have?

    You can have as many free projects as you want, as long as only 1 is active at any given time. You can pause and unpause free projects as needed.

  • Can I switch between plans later?

    Yes, you can upgrade plans at any time. To downgrade, please contact us at

  • Can I export my data?

    Yes, you have full access to your database and storage. No vendor lock-in.

  • What happens if I exceed the limits?

    We never stop your project and you will be charged for the excess usage. Pay as you grow.