The serverless backend with Hasura

Focus on building your app. Your backend is preconfigured and ready to start in 30 seconds with PostgreSQL, GraphQL, Hasura, User management and Storage.


The world's most advanced open-source relational database.


Instant GraphQL API on top of your database with the Hasura GraphQL Engine.


Authenticate simply and securly with JWT and third-party OAuth integrations.


Preconfigured S3 storage from Minio so you can serve assets at scale.

The Nhost Advantage

Developers should not have to make trade-offs for great productivity.
Nhost speeds up development while still providing full control.

Complete transparency

Every element of the Nhost stack is fully open source. This means great security and no vendor lock-in.

Stellar performance

Both PostgreSQL and Hasura GraphQL Engine come preconfigured for blazingly fast speeds, and all hardware scales with your needs.

High reliability

Nhost runs on Digital Ocean, one of the world's leading cloud provider with global distribution and daily backups from the start.

What our developers are saying

Nhost is like Firebase without the crappy parts. It provides me with everything I need to deploy a new app in minutes.
Russel DP
Russel DP

React Developer

Choose your framework

Nhost is framework-agnostic. Use any web or mobile framework with your GraphQL client of choice and you are good to go.

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