The Jamstack backend with Hasura

Nhost Jumbo
Focus on building your app. Your backend is preconfigured and ready to use in less than a minute with PostgreSQL, GraphQL, Hasura, User management and Storage.
Nhost Jumbo

Speed up with Nhost

Developers shouldn't have to make trade-offs for greater productivity. Nhost speeds up development while still providing full control.
JAMStack users
Complete transparency
Every component of the Nhost stack is open source. This means strong security and no vendor lock-in.
Stellar performance
Both PostgreSQL and Hasura GraphQL Engine come preconfigured for blazingly fast speeds.
High reliability
Nhost runs on Digital Ocean, one of the world's leading cloud providers, with datacenters around the world.
Manage users with ease
Authentication is built in with Nhost and fully integrated with PostgreSQL and Hasura. Create and login your first users in minutes.

You can also use our nhost-js-sdk and preconfigured email-templates.
JAMStack users
JAMStack storage
Scalable storage that grows with your needs
Upload and download files from your app with ease. Everything is ready to use once your project is created. Our storage is backed by Minio S3 with a layer of powerful permission rules.

Perfect Jamstack backend

Use any web or mobile framework with your GraphQL client of choice and you are good to go.
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What our users are saying
Nhost is like Firebase without the crappy parts. It provides me with everything I need to deploy a new app in minutes.
Russel DP, React Developer
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