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Nhost September 2022

4 October 2022
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Hello Developers!

For this month, we decided to do something special. We decided to do our first-ever Nhost Launch Week!

So, here is a summary of what we launched during our launch week and what more we shipped this month.


Day 1: Individual Postgres Instances

Individual Postgres InstancesIndividual Postgres Instances

We’re excited to announce that all new projects get their own dedicated Postgres instance with root access. Connecting directly to the database with your favorite Postgres client is finally possible.

Read the full blog post:

Day 2: New Database UI

New Database UINew Database UI

Say hello to our new Database UI, a great first step towards fully managing Postgres and Hasura GraphQL Engine within the Nhost Dashboard.

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Day 3: Open Source Stripe GraphQL API

Open Source Stripe GraphQL APIOpen Source Stripe GraphQL API

We've launched an open source Stripe GraphQL API that enables query data from your database and Stripe account in a single GraphQL query.

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Day 4: WebAuthn Sign-In Method

WebAUthn Sign-In MethodWebAUthn Sign-In Method

We’re launched WebAuthn as a new sign-in method at Nhost.

You’re using Face ID or fingerprint to unlock your phone every day. Why not use it as a sign-in method for your application too? Well, now you can!

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Day 5: Nhost Logs

Nhost LogsNhost Logs

For the last day of our first-ever Launch week, we released another highly requested feature that will make your lives, and ours, much easier. And that’s Nhost Logs to give you superpowers!

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GitHub Deployment Improvements

We also improved the GitHub deployment. Now, as soon as you connect a repository, we’re initializing a deployment. We’re also initializing a deployment as soon as you change any repository setting like the base directory or deployment branch.

We also fixed a small issue causing deployments not to trigger for projects sometimes.

WorkOS - Your App, Enterprise Ready


We added WorkOS as a sign-in provider. This is perfect if you’re building applications for enterprise customers that require advanced SSO like SAML and OIDC providers.

GraphiQL v2

GraphiQL v2GraphiQL v2

We upgraded the GraphQL playground with GraphiQL v2. While upgrading the GraphiQL version, we also fixed a few issues from the previous implementation. The new GraphiQL v2 is also full-width and includes a new, improved design.

Nhost Featured at Fireship


Nhost was one of the five Firebase Killers that Fireship tried. Check out the video on YouTube:

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