Service Level Agreement for Enterprise Plans

Urgent (P1)

Any incident which causes a full production outage. Operations are halted, and there is no way to overcome the impact.

High (P2)

Any incident which causes high impact to production software or severe impact to non-critical business operations. Usually operations are functional but operating in a degraded state and there is no known way to overcome the impact.

Normal (P3)

Any incident which causes moderate impact to business operations. Usually operations are only minimally degraded or fully functional.

Low (P4)

Any incident which causes low or no impact to business operations. Includes general inquiries, questions, or recommendations for product enhancements.

Target response time

Urgent (P1)< 2 hours< 4 hours
High (P2)< 4 business hours*< 8 business hours*
Normal (P3)< 8 business hours*< 16 business hours*
Low (P4)< 16 business hours*< 24 business hours*

*Business hours are from 08:00 to 17:00 Central European Time, except where otherwise stated.

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