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Product Update: Team Support and More Regions

1 May 2020
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Banner of Product Update: Team Support and More Regions

Last month was the first month that Nuno and I worked together and this is what we have accomplished during the previous month.

Two new locations

We launched New York and London as two new locations. You can now start your Nhost project in: San Francisco, New York, London, Amsterdam, and Bangalore.

New York and LondonNew York and London

Teams for better collaboration

Create your team and invite your team members to collaborate on an Nhost project. Teams can be found in the context dropdown on the top-right corner.


Nhost CLI for local development

We are inspired by Netlify's and Vercel's workflow for developers. As Vercel's tagline: Develop, Preview, Ship. It is our goal to have that ease of use on the backend.

With the Nhost CLI you can get a complete local environment for your Nhost project. Simple as that.

GitHub integration

Connect your GitHub repository to a Nhost project. Develop locally and push your code to master. Nhost will automatically deploy it to production including Hasura metadata and schema changes.

So that's "Develop" and "Ship". What about the "Preview" part?

We will introduce Preview in 3 months!

Here is a video where we show your how our Nhost CLI and Github integration works:

Version 2 of Hasura Backend Plus

It's coming this week. We are adding some final improvements to our new version of Hasura Backend Plus. Here are a subset of the new things introduced:

  • Two factor authentication
  • Internal e-mail support
  • Rate limits
  • Optional weak password check agains Pwnd
  • More external providers (GitHub, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Apple, LinkedIn)
  • Better support for storage rules
  • JWKS endpoint
  • Greater customisability
  • Good test coverage
  • 100% TypeScript

Coming up on Nhost

Our focus for the next month is going to be general platform and tool stability and new design. After that we got a ton of interesting features in our backlog including:

  • Better documentation
  • Preview environments on Pull Requests
  • Custom HTTP API (to handle Hasura Event triggers and Actions)
  • More starter examples for Nhost together with Next.js, NuxtJS, React, React Native etc.
  • Database backups
  • Monitoring and analytics

If you have more ideas for us, please join our Nhost Discord server or send us a e-mail at

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