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Nhost Secures Pre-seed Investment

1 July 2020
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The Nhost blog has been quiet lately. This is because I have been part of the Antler program in Stockholm to increase Nhost's chances of being a successful business.

I have good news. I have completed two major goals, meaning 1) find a co-founder and 2) secure Antler investment.

What does this mean?

Firstly, Nuno Pato, an excellent software engineer, has joined Nhost as a co-founder and CTO.

Nuno has years and years of experience building complex infrastructure and developer tools at companies such as CloudBees, CodeShip, Cyberus Labs, Marley Spoon, and Delivery Hero.

Secondly, Nhost secured a $110,000 pre-seed investment from Antler.

Big plans

We both have big plans for Nhost. In summary, our vision is for Nhost to be the Firebase of SQL, GraphQL and 100% open source. Like Netlify and Vercel, but for your backend (and later your frontend too).

To participate in our community-driven development, join our Nhost Discord server or send us an email at

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