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Nhost October 2022

8 November 2022
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Hello World!

After a successful Launch Week in September, we’re back for updates related to Postgres, Serverless Functions, Database UI, and more.


Postgres Extensions

It’s now possible to install Postgres extensions for your database. We’ve added support for PostGIS, and we plan to add support for more Postgres extensions soon.

Here’s how you can activate PostGIS. First, connect to your database.

psql postgres://postgres:[YOUR-PASSWORD]

Then, run the following command to activate PostGIS.

create extension postgis;


Do you want a particular extension added to Nhost? Please let us know in this GitHub discussion.

Serverless Functions on Node v16

All Serverless Functions are now running Node v16 (prev v14). This will take effect next time you make a deployment. This now means that Serverless Functions are deployed with the following options:

  • Node v16
  • 1024 MB memory (can be upgraded)
  • 10 seconds timeout (can be upgraded)
  • 6 MB request and response payload size limit

Learn more about Serverless Functions.

Database UI Locked When Repo is Connected

Database UIDatabase UI

We've pushed a UI update making it impossible to change your production database schema IF your project is connected to a GitHub repository. This way, you will avoid accidentally changing the database schema in production and potentially messing up your migrations. We think this will help you sleep better at night.

Better Auth logs

We’ve improved the logs for Auth. The previous logs for Auth were very verbose and not very useful. The new log format is denser, showing only the most valuable information.


HACK-R-PLAY Hackathon

HACK-R-PLAY winnersHACK-R-PLAY winners

ReactPlay held a hackathon, HACK-R-PLAY Hackathon, together with Nhost, with some amazing submissions. Here are the top 3:

  1. Classroom (GitHub repo) by Chakri.
  2. Papercode (GitHub repo) by Shyam Mahanta
  3. Mailsbe (GitHub repo) by Aashish Panthi.

Find all submissions for the HACK-R-PLAY hackathon here.

Make sure to follow ReactPlay - an open source platform for React developers to learn, create and share ReactJS projects.

Knowing Nhost

@tapasadhikary and @koustov, the team behind ReactPlay, also did a video explaining what Nhost is and how it works.

It's a great introduction to Nhost, and we highly recommend you watch it.

Knowing NhostKnowing Nhost


Les News développement web pour octobre 2022

Double Shash Dev, by @xlanex6 and @PatrickFaramaz, speaks about Nhost and our launch week on their podcast for our French audience.

Les News développement web pour octobre 2022Les News développement web pour octobre 2022


Next.js and Nhost Template

@usagizmo has created a full stack starter template with Nhost using best practices and other modern tools:

  • TypeScript
  • Next.js
  • TailwindCSS
  • Nhost
  • Turborepo
  • pnpm

GitHub repo:



@MartinP460, one of our community members, has created an open source alternative to unsplash using Nhost. The source code is available on GitHub, and Martin has also written a detailed blog post about his process when developing Onsplash.


GitHub repo:

Blog Post:

Write Better “where” Queries with Hasura

Write Better "where" queries with HasuraWrite Better "where" queries with Hasura

There is a smart trick when writing GraphQL where-queries with Hasura that some developers get wrong. Learn how in this short blog post.


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