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Nhost February 2021

1 March 2021
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Nuxt beta support

In our continued effort to make it easy to use Nhost with any frontend framework, we've now released a dedicated module for Nuxt. Nuxt is one of the most popular frameworks for building frontend apps and is used by many of our users.

Install the Nuxt module from npm:

npm install @nhost/nuxt

With this release, it's easier than ever to integrate your Nuxt app with Nhost. Learn more about using the module on GitHub.

Deployment logs

Deployment logs are now available for every deployment via GitHub. This makes it easier to debug in case something goes wrong.

Nhsot Deployment LogsNhsot Deployment Logs

New Nhost CLI commands

We added four new commands to our Nhost CLI.

  • nhost down - Stops a running local Nhost backend.
  • nhost link - Links an existing local directory with a Nhost project
  • nhost env:ls - Lists environment variables
  • nhost env:pull - Pulls development environment variables and saves them in a local .env file.

You can update the CLI to the latest version with:

npm install -g nhost@latest

Added billing settings

It's now possible to add additional billing settings for teams:

  • Company name
  • Address
  • Billing email recipient

This information is added to all invoices.

Go to your team -> Settings -> Billing to add these additional billing settings.

Impersonate auth

aaronhayes added user impersonation functionallity to authentication. This enables admins to login as a specific user with the ADMIN_SECRET as a `x-admin-secret`` header.

The ADMIN_SECRET and the x-admin-secret are already used to bypass specific permissions. Now, the password check during login can be bypassed in the same way too, which is useful during debugging and testing.

More image transformation features

Round and blur images on the fly from Nhost Storage with new PRs (#444, #446). Using these two new directives, it is as easy as adding r (round) and b (blur) as query parameters to any image stored on Nhost.

Example with blur:

Image transformation with blurImage transformation with blur

This would be available behind the following URL:

Read more in our image transformation documentation.

Community updates

Previously we had an Ideas section in our console. This ideas section is now deprecated in favor of GitHub Discussions at our nhost/nhost repository.

We suggest using discussions for thoughtful and more complex conversations on specific topics related to Nhost.

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