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Better Docs with ChatGPT support

21 December 2023
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Introducing a revamped documentation website with support to ChatGPT and a more interactive learning experience.

This new version is more than a new face and ChatGPT support. We took the time to rewrite some of the content as well.

ChatGPT Support

Instant responses, interactive learning, and personalized assistance. ChatGPT makes the overal experience of browsing and searching through documentation more fun and engaging:

Find answers faster, follow-up with questions and specific examples, all with a more personalized and tailored interaction regardless of your level of experience.

New content

We took the time to rewrite some of the content:

  • new tutorials and quickstart guides available
  • a new section on Graphite and our AI toolkit
  • a new guides section that we intend to add a lot more content to
  • an API playground

API Playground

The API playground allows you to test both Auth and Storage endpoints against a real Nhost instance running on your computer:

API PlaygroundAPI Playground

Simply start a local Nhost instance with nhost up and you're good to go.

Wrap up

Documentation is an important part of any technical product, and we are finally taking the time to improve it.

There are a lot of useful guides and learning material that we want to work on, so expect the docs to improve consideraly in the near future.

And don't forget, tomorrow we will launch everything that was announced this week!

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