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Graphite is also your Developer Assistant

20 December 2023
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In the world of software development, tools designed to increase developer productivity are increasingly valuable. Developer assistants can help us go from idea to production faster, and with less errors.

Say hi to Graphite, a new Developer Assistant and coding partner integrated into the Dashboard designed to support you with SQL and GraphQL coding tasks.

Developer Companion

Graphite knows about your project's database and GraphQL schemas. It is able to provide you with tailored, context-aware suggestions and solutions for things related to your database and GraphQL API.

It is great at generating both SQL code and GraphQL queries and mutations:

Notice that it was able to infer the schema for the existing movies table and produce the right SQL.

Wrap up

This is the very first iteration of the Developer Assistant, and we have a few ideas to improve it.

In future versions we want to make Graphite more integrated with specific sections of the UI and support workflows such as "accepting" code snippets from Graphite for smoother interactions. We also have plans to integrate it with other tools such as Functions and Run.

User feedback is important in this journey; so please share your experiences and suggestions to help us shape the future of Graphite.

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