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Scaling Your Nhost Apps with Dedicated Compute

18 April 2023
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We are very excited to announce the release of Dedicated Compute to everyone, a new feature to help you scale your Nhost apps by providing you with more control over compute resources. Dedicated Compute allows you to allocate CPU and RAM for each service on the Nhost stack. Your apps will be able to efficiently meet growing demands and provide the best possible user experience to your users. To the moon and back, blazingly fast!

Background and Motivation

As your apps grow and user traffic increases, it's crucial to have the flexibility to scale your services accordingly. Different services have unique requirements, so a one-size-fits-all approach just doesn't cut it. That's why we are introducing Dedicated Compute, to give you the power and flexibility to allocate exactly the amount of CPU and RAM each service needs, up to a whopping 15 vCPUs and 30GiB per service. Your users will thank you!

Scaling Apps Made Easy

Dedicated Compute is designed to provide a simple and intuitive way for you to buy and allocate your desired amount of compute capacity for each of your Nhost services. As of now, if you navigate to your project's settings in the Nhost Dashboard, you will find a new "Compute Resources" section where you can buy and allocate compute using a few sliders (see image below):

  1. Select the total amount of capacity you want to dedicate to your Nhost project.
  2. Distribute it amongst all services according to their needs.
  3. Save, wait a couple of minutes, and profit!

Resource SliderResource Slider


  • Dedicated Compute is available starting on the Pro plan.
  • When purchasing dedicated compute resources, they must adhere to a 1:2 ratio between CPU and RAM. For example, if you buy 3 vCPUs, you are also buying 6GiB of RAM.
  • The minimum you can buy is 1 vCPU, and as little as a fourth of a vCPU after that.
  • No downtime required with the exception of Postgres, which requires 1-2 minutes.

You can refer to the docs here.


The Pro plan remains priced at $25, and each dedicated vCPU/2GiB adds $50. For instance, if you purchase 2 vCPUs and 4GiB of RAM, the total cost will be $125.

Benefits of Dedicated Compute for Scaling your Apps

  1. Granular Control: Allocate CPU and RAM on a per-service basis, letting you optimize the performance of each service independently, according to its specific requirements.

  2. Seamless Scaling: Adjust your Compute Resources allocation as your apps grow, ensuring that you can support increased traffic and demand without compromising performance or user experience.

  3. Cost Efficiency: Allocate resources precisely where and when they are needed, avoiding over-provisioning and reducing your monthly bill. You can increase and decrease compute at any time.

  4. Enhanced Performance: Tailor your resources to provide the best possible performance for your users, delivering a seamless experience to them.

What's Next?

  • Multiple Replicas for High Availability: we are already working on extending Dedicated Compute to allow for multiple replicas of the same service. I know, this is amazing!
  • Metrics around compute utilization for each of your services will be available very soon. This will allow you to allocate compute resources more precisely.
  • A new and shiny configuration file that will allow you to configure compute as part of your GitHub workflow.


I believe this is a game-changing solution for scaling your apps. By offering precise control over the allocation of CPU and RAM, it enables you to optimize the performance of each Nhost service while ensuring a seamless experience for your users. As your apps grow and evolve, Dedicated Compute ensures that you can scale along with your users' needs. Embrace it today and take your apps to the next level of growth!

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