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October 2020 Update

Johan Eliasson

In summary this is what we've done in September 2020:

  • Hackernews and Producthunt launch
  • Nhost Open
  • Bug fixes stability improvements for our new console
  • New logo
  • Industry Updates

Hacker News and Product Hunt launch

This month it happened. We posted Nhost to both Hacker News and Product Hunt.

The response was overwealming. A lot of developers where interesting in our service. We were at the first page of Hacker News and Product Hunt which gave us a lot of traffic and users.

Nhost traffic in October 2020
Nhost traffic in October 2020

Nhost Open

All our metrics are open at

Bug fixes and stability improvements

In the previous month we launched our new console. This month we worked on general bug fixes and platform stability.

New logo

We changed to a new logo in October too.

The reason we had to change logo was because we got scammed with our previous logo. I had bought that logo from a designer on Fiverr (you get what you pay for) but the designer had just copied the logo from another company. We immediately removed the old logo and while waiting for our new logo. We actually reached out to the designer of the old logo and explained the situation. He was very understanding and offered to help us with a new logo. We accepted his offer.

Designing a logo is a process. We started out defining som keywords that we wanted to logo to be associated with, together with some logos that we liked.

Here's the first draft of iterations for our logo:

Sample logos
Sample logos

After a few more iterations we had our logo candidates. We reached out to our community on Discord to get some feedback:

Discord discussion
Discord discussion

We ended up with this logo, which we're very happy about!

New Nhost logo
New Nhost logo

Industry updates

Some industry updates of October 2020.

Next.js Conf

Verce hosted Next.js conf. Next.js 10 was released with a new Image component for automatic optimization, Internationalized Routing and Analytics.

Frontegg Announces $5M Seed Round

Frontegg raised $5M in seed round to accelerate SaaS innovation.

Frontegg is a platform to help build SaaS apps faster. They provide building blocks that's used in all SaaS applications, such as authentication, authorization, webhooks, email and reporting.

Grafbase in private beta

Grafbase is a new backend as a service for modern application developers. They offer a serverless database and API for their users. As a developer you only specify your GraphQL schema and your GraphQL API is available instantly.

What's next?
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