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November 2020 Update

Johan Eliasson

In summary this is what we've done in November 2020:

  • Custom API (serverless functions) is now in beta
  • Nhost workflow with our CLI and Github integration video. Develop locally, push to GitHub, automatic deployment of migrations, metadata and Custom API.
  • Backup support for Pro and business Plans
  • New Nhost Documentation page.

Custom API (serverless functions) is now in beta

You can now run custom code with our Custom API. The Custom API is perfect to work with Hasura Event Triggers, Hasura Actions, Cronjobs etc.

How to get started

Connect your Nhost project with your GitHub repository. Create an api/ folder in the root of your project and create files (ex api/test.js) with a single request/response handler like this:

module.exports = (req, res) => {
  const { name = "World" } = req.query;
  res.status(200).send(`Hello ${name}!`);

Since the file is named api/test.js the Nhost Custom API will create an endpoint at that will handle the request.

Read more about the Custom API in our documentation.

Nhost workflow

Develop locally with a full Nhost backend using our CLI. It's as easy as nhost dev.

When you're done simply push your changes to GitHub with git push.

Make sure your Nhost project is connected with your GitHub repository. When it is we'll automatically deploy database migrations, metadata and the Custom API to production.

Nhost Github Integration
Nhost Github Integration

See more in detail on how to use the Nhost CLI with our GitHub integration in this video:

Backup support for Pro and Business plans

Nhost projects on the Pro and Business plan are now automatically backed up every 6 hours and saved for 7 days.

One-click automatic roll-back is on the roadmap. For now, just reach out to us via or our Discord server and we'll help you manually.

New Nhost Documentation page

Nhost Documentation
Nhost Documentation

We've updated our Nhost Documentation ( with a new design, more content and more details. We've also added a search feature from Algolia Docsearch.

Industry updates

Some industry updates of November 2020.

Render releases preview environments

Render released automatic review environments which is a common feature for frontend Jamstack services such as Netlify and Vercel.

Preview environments creates an isolated staging environment of your application when you do a pull request. This way, you get a full replica of your production environment that you can make final manual tests and get feedback before you merge the pull request to the default branch.

It's interesting to see more backend focused services also adopting the workflow of creating preview environments on pull requests.

Automatic preview environments is one of our most requested feature on Nhost and it's something we got plans for in the coming months.

What's next?
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