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February 2021 Update

Johan Eliasson

In summary, this is what happened in February 2021:

  • Team member roles (owner and member)
  • Official Nhost Auth support for RedwoodJS
  • nhost-js-sdk version 3.0.0
  • Official Next.js example app
  • Our docs have now dark mode
  • Allowed email domains for registration
  • New blog series by Faraz Patankar

Team member roles (owner and member)

Two roles were added: owner and member. Owners can change all team settings (e.g., changing the team name or adding and removing a payment card), whereas members have read-access only to everything related to the team. Only owners can delete team projects.

Nhost team members
Nhost team members

We've also added invitation links that you can use to invite other people to join your team.

Official Nhost Auth support for RedwoodJS

We've added official support for Nhost Authentication with RedwoodJS.

To setup your RedwoodJS application to use Nhost Auth use the following command:

yarn rw setup auth nhost

Link to implementing Nhost Auth with RedwoodJS.

nhost-js-sdk version 3.0.0

Version v3.0.0 has been released bringing improvements and additions to the API, as well as a considerable rewrite with a more strict usage of TypeScript.

Some breaking changes were introduced, most notably is the way the client gets initialized:


import nhost from "nhost-js-sdk";

const config = {
  base_url: "",


const auth = nhost.auth();
const storage =;

export { auth, storage };


import { createClient } from "nhost-js-sdk";

// createClient returns an instance of NhostClient
const nhostClient = createClient({
  baseURL: "",

// auth and storage are now properties of NhostClient
const auth = nhostClient.auth;
const storage =;

export { auth, storage };

Please notice that auth.login() and auth.register() now take a single object as a parameter, so make sure to update those as well.

All release notes can be found here. The link for our updated documentation can be found here).

Official Next.js example app

There is now an official example of Next.js with Nhost, auth and realtime GraphQL in their GitHub repository. Vercel makes it easy to deploy the example with their one-click deploy button. You can test it by clicking the button here:

If you're deploying this example app, make sure to read the configuration steps in the of the example.

Our main repository can be found at For now, this repository will be used for:

  • Creating issues related to Nhost's platform.
  • Having discussions around Nhost.
  • Discussing roadmap and RFCs.
  • Posting examples in different frameworks and technologies.

We'll expand the repository in the future. Hopefully, you find the repository useful and give us a star ⭐.

Our docs have now dark mode

We've updated Tailwind to version 2 and with it, implementing dark mode is easier than ever.

Implementing dark mode is an ongoing effort across all our services. More updates are coming soon 😎 (sunglasses won't be needed anymore).

Nhost's documentation

Allowed email domains for registration

You can now specify allowed domains. These domains are checked during registration, and only if the user signs up with an email with one of the specified domains will they be allowed to register an account. This is handy if you're building an internal tool and only want certain email-domains to be allowed.

You find the setting under Settings -> Authentication in your Nhost project.

Allowed domains for registration
Allowed domains for registration

New blog series by Faraz Patankar

Faraz Pantankar has started a blog series on using Nhost to build Botler, a personal AI butler. The first post is out and has a lot of thorough explanations and code examples that make it easy to follow along and learn about the process of building a real application with Nhost.

The first post is out. Read it here:

What's next?
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