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Beta support for Dart & Flutter on Nhost

Scott Hyndman
Flutter on Nhost
Flutter on Nhost

At Nhost, we're building an open source Firebase alternative with GraphQL. Today we're announcing beta support for Flutter.

Finally, it's easy for flutter developers to build full-stack apps. The Dart & Flutter SDK for Nhost makes it easy to handle authentication, storage and GraphQL in any Flutter application.

Nhost is a Firebase alternative built on open source software. With a Nhost project you get a Postgres database. On top of the database we automatically generate a GraphQL API based on your tables and columns in your database. Nhost also handles authentication and storage.

This enables developers to focus on their app and users, instead of building and managing infrastructure.

Our new Flutter SDK makes it easy for Flutter developers to build rich applications.


Our Flutter SDK integrates with graphql, currently the most popular GraphQL client for Dart, meaning users are automatically authenticated when sending GraphQL requests in the app.

Our Flutter SDK also connects to graphql_flutter to generate GraphQL widgets.

See full examples here.


Register and login your users in your Flutter application:

// Setup
final client = NhostClient(baseUrl: nhostApiUrl);

// Login
await loginOrRegister(client,
    email: '', password: 'password-1');

// Print out a few details about the current user
final currentUser = client.auth.currentUser;
print(' ${}');
print('currentUser.displayName: ${currentUser.displayName}');
print(' ${}');

// And logout
await client.auth.logout();

See full auth examples here.


Let users upload and download files in your Flutter application:

final fileName = 'henry.jpg';
final userPath = '/user/${}/';
final filePath = '$userPath$fileName';

// Store a new image file...
final originalImageBytes = File('./assets/henry.jpg').readAsBytesSync();
final imageMetadata = await
  filePath: filePath,
  bytes: originalImageBytes,
  contentType: 'image/jpeg',
print('Uploaded image');
print('Size: ${originalImageBytes.length}');

// ...turn around and download its contents, scaled...
final downloadedImage = await
  fileToken: imageMetadata.nhostMetadata.token,
  imageTransformConfig: ImageTransformConfig(width: 100, quality: 50),
print('Downloaded transformed image');
print('Size: ${downloadedImage.bodyBytes.length}');

// ...then delete it.

See full storage examples here and here.

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