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10 Reasons Why Developers Love Hasura

Johan Eliasson

1. GraphQL

If you are a developer and tried GraphQL you will understand why this is the first and biggest reason to why developers love Hasura. With Hasura you will get a realtime GraphQL API instantly.

Why is GraphQL such a big deal? It's because it increases the productivity and developer experience with A LOT! As an example, AirBnb is moving 10x faster thanks to GraphQL.

2. Relational database

Hasura works on PostgreSQL, the world's most advanced open source relational database.

Why does it matter? Simple.

Most data is relational and relational database are best to store data that is relational.

With a relational database you can easily normalize your database and reduce data redundancy and improve data integrity. Just like GraphQL, a relational database works based on a schema and types, which will make your database more predictable.

3. Realtime with Subscriptions

Just like Google Firebase, all your data can be updated in realtime.

Just use subscriptions (built in) and all you data in your app is now realtime and synced across devices and users. Perfect for modern and collaborative apps.

4. Web Console

Hasura comes with the Hasura Console, a web interface where you can manage your database. In the Hasura Console you can manage different parts of you database such as creating new tables, add columns and manage foreign keys.

5 Open Source

The Hasura GraphQL Engine is completely open source. Enough said. Awesome!

6 Authenticate with JWT or Webhook

Hasura lets you use either Json Web Tokens (JWT) or a webhook to authenticate GraphQL requests. This means you can set up the authentication system that works best for you.

With Nhost, this is set up for you using Hasura Backend Plus and you can create and login users right away.

7 Event driven

Hasura got a built in event system based on the database. This means you can trigger events (webhooks) that will trigger on insert, update or delete for a specific table.

Example: Add an insert event on your users table to send an email to new users.

8 Discord support server

Get community support or just chat with other like minded developers using Hasura in Hasura's Discord Server. There is always helpful people if you need help.

9 Remote Schemas

Got another GraphQL schema that you want to have under the same endpoint as Hasura. No problem. Just add the schema to Hasura's remote schemas in the Hasura Console.

10. Continues improvement and updates

Hasura is continuously working on improving the GraphQL Engine and the Hasura Console by frequently releasing new and better versions of their GraphQL Engine and the Hasura Console.

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